Original White Honey

Creamy, smooth & delicious. Our original white honey has a subtle sweeteness that will leave you wanting more.

Iced Honey

Transformed by the Canadian cold, this honey goes through an extreme cooling process which leaves a sweet cooling sensation on your tongue.

White Honey with Cinnamon

If you love cinnamon and it’s benefits you will love this honey. It is our original white honey mixed with cinnamon. Enough cinnamon for cinnamon lovers to crave more. Add this tea and other desserts for a sweet treat.

Organic Honey

Our organic white honey is certified USDA. It is raw and unpasterized. It has a subtle sweetness and fresh taste. While this honey isn’t as creamy as the others it is perfect for teas, dishes and DIY projects

Blueberry Honey

Our bees roam the wonderful canadian blueberry fields to bring back this blueberry honey. This honey does not have a blueberry taste but is sweet and perfect to add to teas and foods.

White Honey with Ginger

We combine ginger in our white honey. This pair makes a tasty and natural remedy for sore throats and colds, by the way it is absolutely delicious

Buckwheat Honey

The darker the honey, the more benefits. Our most unique honey, because of it’s distinctive taste. It has an earthy taste similar to molasses. This baby is one of the most nutritional honeys you can find.