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We care so much about our enviroment, people and all the wonderful things consumers would enjoy. That’s why we launched our honey brand. Puroraw in other words “Pure & Raw” White honey that will bring that nostalgic feeling of eating grandma’s honey biscuits on the country side. We desire to bring you the most delicious, smooth and creamy tasting honey on market.  Our honey is carefully selected and sustainably sourced from the best Canadian apiaries. Our honey is pure, raw and unfiltered, which means it goes straight from the hive to the jar with ZERO processing. You will love the sweet subtle and smooth taste of the world’s finest honey.

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Bees are some of the hardest working creatures on the planet. We happen to under appreciate these small wonderful insects, but we owe them many thanks.
Without bees, our world would be much different. Bees are responsible for pollinating about one sixth of the flowering plant species worldwide and approximately 400 differnt agricultural types of plants. There are many reasons why we need bees. First we must understand what pollination is and why it’s important. Pollination is essentially plant reproduction, without help from animal pollinators, there would be a decrease in our food supply.

You can say good bye to avocado toast without bees...

Without bees there are several foods that would not be available to us such as, avocados, cucumbers, onions, grapefruits, oranges, apples, bluberries and more. Let’s not forget to mention they wouldn’t supply us with our delicious white honey. We protect our bees at all cost because they are important for a healthy emviroment. Bees boost the color and beauty of our planet.
our story
our story

We are commited.

We love our bees and will continue to nuture them and keep them safe. We make sure our bees are healthy and happy, just as they make us happy with all that they do for us.

  1. We insure our bees are well taken care of. Although bees are already hardworkers, they can often be abused. We make sure that our beekeepers handle them with care & our Canadian apiaries are on acres of land that are far from any harmful chemicals. All of our bees food is harvested and naturally grown on our property.
  2. Pure & Raw. We make sure that the honey that is delivered to you, is pure and raw. It has been triple checked to insure quality and packaged with our delicious irresistable honey. Puroraw makes honey that will keep you coming back for more.
  3. Spread The Word (Literally). While bees can’t talk we need to advocate for them. We want to educate people on taking care of the planet by making sure the bees have a wonderful place to live, where they can pollinate and reproduce. Be sure to plant natural plants in your yard to create a clean and chemical free enviroment

our story
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